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Thinking back, I’ve always appreciated Daft Punk. Of course I was familiar with all their popular singles and it was easy to enjoy all the mash ups and remixes they were featured in. I enjoyed Interstella 5555 and I always thought the sci-fi glam look was really cool. But I didn’t really call myself a huge fan in the same way I was a huge fan of, say…well, any of the other fandoms I’m a part of.

But a heart-string snapped in me or something, seeing Thomas hug Guy-Man like that, and all of a sudden I felt A MIGHTY NEED to collect and devour any Daft Punk material I can find. Browsing tumblr right now, I guess a lot of you feel the same? Did they hit some kind of cuteness critical mass that’s been slowly building up over the years? Or is it that, for a little while, they broke their cool, silent personas to express some happiness and affection?

Well, it does help that they’re pretty talented. Not only can they create some catchy tunes, Alive 2007 has done a good job convincing me that they can mix some hella fierce beats; in front of a live concert crowd no less.



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